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:: Líneas de Nazca ::

Lineas de Nazca  - Miga

Lineas de Nazca it's a Mexico City's electronic live act project, Luca Ortega has been part of the Mexico underground since early 90's, performing under different names and projects. In the year 2001 Lineas de Nazca is launched, a project designed to explore and give a flow to the sound within.

Since then the project have been all over Europe bringing the sound of today's Mexico underground electronic movement, from clandestine techno parties in Berlin's warehouses to multimedia festivals in Barcelona and open air parties in Mexico, Sweden and Chile.

Lineas de Nazca sound is dense, minimal tech funk; spiced with twisted sampling, creating endless rhythmic structures...

For this Miga release, Luca worked this piece with his good friend Telly Quin, delivering "Man behind the Curtain", a studio live recording using akai mpc's and analogue synthesizers, giving us a more machine-groove sound and leaving the computer inside the back pack".

Some samples used for the track "Man behind the courtain" have been extracted from the documentary Zeitgeist (zeitgeistmovie.com).
myspace.com/lineasdenazca || eintakt.de

[Miga30] VV.AA "Integral"