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:: Simon / off ::

In 1998 I started dj-ing at local underground parties in Graz / Austria. First with various kinds of Breakbeats, D&B / Jungle. Then IDM and Ambient stuff, Minimal, like the first Kompakt and Studio 1 releases, and so called Breakcore.

Together with my brothers I formed the Winterstrand collective in 1999. I began organizing and co-organizing freestyle partys in and around Graz to help building up a local scene and to push musical borders further back. For example the Volume, Collisions in 2002 or the Haxen Brechen-Herzen Brechen in 2004.

I was also involved in founding labels and associations like Leemusic, Inter-Act / Exit Space and the club Das Veilchen.

In 2005 I moved to Berlin to be more concentrated on my productions. The "Soon EP" was released and got great feedback.

In Mai 2005 I got into the netlabel scene by releasing a Winterstrand album on Kikapu. That turned me into a passionate netaudio hunter.

I did a lot of tracks with Wintertrand in 2006 and released my first "netaudio-only" dj-mix on the german mixlabel Mixotic.

In 2007 I´m going to release more of my solo-stuff which is currently kind of electroid deep / dubby danceable Breakbeat.

Played with: Super Collider, Funkstšrung, Dj/Rupture, Plaid, Depth Charge, Emotional Joystick, Dj Zinc, Hans Platzgumer, Ltj Bukem, Dj Flight, Alley Cat, Hometrainer, Sand, Sickboy, Cristian Vogel, Somatic Responses, Attica Blues, ...

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